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Some of our portfolio. We’ve partnered with Startups from Launch to Series B.

How we run your growth

Growth Marketing done the way startups deserve

Bring a solid product, and we’ll scale it. As an extension of your team, we build your growth engine, and start driving incremental revenue to your startup within 4-8 weeks.

Data & Funnel

We analyze your funnel to identify leaks, study your unit economics, try your product, dig into your customer data to get as much insights as possible.

KPIs & Best practices

We set a north star metric and build your growth strategy around it. We work on all scalable channels, using best practices and help you optimize the entire customer journey.

Rapid experiments

We run rapid experiments across your product and marketing channels, from acquisition to activation, retention and scaling revenue. Then we’ll double down on the winning A/B tests.

Scalable growth engine

After step 1, 2, and 3 we’ll be ready to scale your acquisition & activation at a higher pace, and we move down the funnel to improve retention, revenue and referral.

“An average product with a well executed growth strategy beats a great product with a mediocre one. Fast-paced growth is what makes or breaks any early stage startup.”

Samer Bejjani
Founder & CEO at Growth Levers

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We get startups. We’ve been there, founded & invested in a few, and held leadership positions in others.

We’re here to share our expertise on a much bigger scale, we want to grow MENA’s boldest players.

This, is what drives us.

100% ownership

Results speak louder than meetings. When we align with you and commit to something, it will be delivered. If it's not possible, we'll let you know.

We're in this together

We are an extension of your team. Our best work happens with teams who appreciate us and help us deliver on our promise.

Decades of startup experience

We're a small and fierce technical team. Together, we've been in the industry and have worked with startups for decades.

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